A Better Way to Bring Big Data to Life

Latency. We felt the pain ourselves through years of waiting minutes, hours, even days for data to ingest and render. We decided to build a better way...

Earth-Shattering Performance

While slow data processing forces other platforms to start with a narrow data set and expand outward, Tectonix has the power to instantly render billions of data points — meaning you can start with the big picture and hone in on points or patterns of interest you would have never even thought to look for.

Through our revolutionary analytics engine, you’ll be able to slice and dice billions of events interactively and in near real-time. You can visualize your data with unprecedented power and flexibility, with no rendering delays.


Designed to scale from a laptop to an HPC datacenter, Tectonix is built from the ground-up to grow with your data. Not only does this make the platform incredibly simple to integrate, it creates significant cost savings for you.


  • Tailor the platform to your visualization needs quickly and easily
  • Build custom views that tell specific stories your customers need to see
  • Align your team through intuitive, real-time data visualizations
  • Plug-and-play any data set, from any software, of any scale

Data Privacy Trusted at the Highest Levels

With high-performance, multi-attribute row level security, Tectonix has been a trusted tool of federal agencies such as the Department of Defense for years. Simply put, we help you put your data to work, not put your data at risk.

Get Started With a Simple Demo

Whether you’re a data analysis veteran looking for a faster, more flexible tool, or a business manager looking to support your team with a platform truly built for scale, seeing Tectonix in action will change the way you think about the power of information.

Get in touch to schedule a quick, custom demo of the platform and see the stories your data is dying to tell you.

Integrating Tectonix With Your Business is Simple

As tenured veterans of the geo-spatial big data space, we know full-well the uphill climb most businesses face when trying to integrate a new tool. That is why we developed Tectonix with modularity in mind, ensuring that you can easily layer it into your existing architecture.

Just a few of the many integrations you’ll be able to employ immediately:

  • Ingest from your existing databases and long-term storage at millions of records per second
  • Build dynamic dashboards and user interfaces with the Tectonix SDK
  • Roll your own visualization layer by leveraging our REST API directly

Need to build a custom integration? Partner with our team of seasoned developers for limitless customizations tailored to your business need

Start Reshaping Your Data Experience

Whether you’re trying to win business, improve margins, stand out or save lives, possessing massive amounts of data is no longer enough. Especially in the world of location data, gaining an edge comes down to seeing the insights no one else can see.

Start building better insights, by seeing your data in ways you’ve never imagined.