Unlock the Power of Limitless Telecom Data Analysis

The era of 5G is supercharging the Telecommunications industry. With download speeds increasing 100x, latency in sub-millisecond ranges, and data transmissions as fast as 20 gigabits per second, the industry needs a geospatial data analytics platform that can actually keep up.

That’s why we built Tectonix to scale with your data — no matter how big it is.

Limitless Data Exploration

Fluid mapping and analysis even at 100+ Billion rows of geo-focused, spatiotemporal data

Cost-Effective, On-Demand Analysis

Access data through cloud-based clusters, and pay only for what you actually use

Seamlessly Layered Data Sets

Monitor latency, network performance, movement and more all in one dashboard

Managing the Movement to a 5G World

For telecom providers, the move to 5G presents incredible opportunities — but also requires massive investments in infrastructure and logistics. Using Tectonix, Telecom analysts and business leaders can garner critical insights that help optimize networks, monitor performance, and unlock never-before-possible technological breakthroughs.

Make Smarter Network Densification Decisions

Unlike 4G which relies on large-scale cell towers sending low-frequency signals across long distances, 5G relies on a wider network of cell stations transmitting Millimeter wavelength signals. With an analysis engine that can handle real-time ingest, optimal site selection and management can be greatly improved.

Fortify Spectrum Monitoring and Optimization Efforts

With such a massive influx in data output from cell stations, monitoring real-time spectrum performance in 5G requires a completely new approach to spatiotemporal data analysis — one that facilitates exploration of tens of billions of data points at the speed of thought.

Improve Customer Acquisition and Retention

Unprecedented processing power gives rise to new capabilities to take advantage of mobility data, sentiment analysis, and user trends. When you can start with the big picture — no matter how big — telecom providers can uncover and act upon insights that vastly improve outreach and retention.

Reshape Your Telecom Data Experience

When the barriers of scale and prohibitive costs are stripped away, the world of telecommunications can evolve faster than it ever has before. That means paradigm-shifting innovations like fully autonomous cars, virtual reality devices, smart cities and fully remote surgeries can become a reality — and it can happen now.

With a platform that redefines what power, efficiency and flexibility look like in the world of big data, Tectonix unlocks endless potential for telecom professionals. So let us show you how.