A Little About the Team Behind Tectonix

Obsessed with performance, enamored by the journey

As a group of coders and developers who had spent years working in the geospatial data space, we had a pretty simple goal:

We built Tectonix to be fast. Breathtakingly fast.

Frankly, we were tired of waiting. Too many times we’d heard “What’s the point in visualizing 1000, 10,000, 1 Million data points?”, or “Can you narrow your query to a more manageable size?”.

To us, without the big picture, data analysis often felt like seeking out a light switch in the dark; you might find the switch, but the search would yield nothing more than wasted time.

We built Tectonix to illuminate the room.

Answering the Questions You Didn’t Know You Had

Data analysis shouldn’t ONLY be about the final query, it should be about the journey that gets you there. Thanks to our powerful data engine that can easily map hundreds of billions of data points per second using only CPUs, we can start with the big picture, allowing you to whittle down in the direction you want to explore.

Step by step of the way, you’ll see your data in a new light. We call it explorative analysis, and when it comes to location intelligence, we haven’t found a better approach.