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Location data processing at speeds the world has never seen

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What Sets Tectonix Apart?

When we set out to turn geospatial big data analysis on its head, we knew we needed to offer power and flexibility analysts had never seen before. We started by building an engine that maps billions of data points on commodity hardware without any caching layer, and then paired it with a visual platform that is intuitive, customizable, and integrates with any business.

Where a conventional system — limited by the amount of data it can realistically render — requires a narrowly defined query, Tectonix inverts the process for a more explorative analysis.

  • Render the entire data corpus interactively, and watch as new data flows in.
  • Slice into those huge data sets instantly via virtually any attribute
  • Pare billions of records down to a million, a hundred thousand, a hundred...
  • See your data in a new light at every layer, discovering multiple insights along the way.

We start with the big picture, allowing the user to whittle down in the direction they want to explore.

The Location Intelligence Platform Built for the Sensor Age

Designed specifically for high-volume, high-velocity location data, Tectonix allows you to analyze, evaluate, and visualize billions of data points in near real-time. That means your time and dollars can be spent driving insights and taking action — not waiting for results to render.

Information Processing at Earth-Shattering Speed

Cloud-Native Architecture for Easy Integration

Customizable Visualizations That Bring Data to Life

Multi-Attribute Row Level Security to Keep Your Data Safe

See how Tectonix can empower your business by bringing patterns, stories and risks in your data to light in seconds.

What Stories are Hidden in YOUR Data?

When speed and scale are no longer a barrier, your data can answer questions you didn’t even know to ask. Request a free demo from our team and see for yourself how fast actionable insights come to life.

Helping Businesses Recognize the Real Power of Data

No matter your industry, the impact of data-driven strategy is undeniable. At scale, that data can be your greatest weapon or your largest hurdle. With Tectonix, you have the power to iterate at the speed of thought, providing the edge you need to see the opportunities your competitors won’t for weeks, months, or years.

Tectonix is ideal for future-focused businesses in sectors such as:

Learn more about the benefits of sleek, scalable location data visualizations made possible for your industry with Tectonix.

Start Seeing Your Data at Scale Now

The sheer speed of Tectonix can be a visceral, eye-opening experience, but speed is only half the battle.

We’ve built our engine to be fluid, accessible, and cost-effective, to ensure that any business with large data sets can uncover insights instantly.