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The Tectonix architecture is composed of three primary tiers: A lightweight graphical user interface called "Vision", a collection of stateless functional interfaces (APIs), and the back-end persistence layer and query engine. The power and scalability of the system lies with the Engine, which can be deployed in a massively parallelized compute cluster to handle extremely large data sets.

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The Tectonix Engine

Designed specifically to tackle the core challenges of scaling spatiotemporal data, the Tectonix engine leverages every ounce of compute power to deliver unprecedented speed and flexibility.

Reduce Time To Value

Rapidly ingest any data set at millions of records per second

Increase Your ROI

Leverage CPU power to drastically reduce costs

Unlock Incredible Insights

Visualize at macro scale with sub-second rendering

Analyze On-Demand

Fire up any data set, no matter how big, in under 3 minutes

The Tectonix engine can easily integrate with existing front-end tools or come complete with our custom-built Vision UI — and can be deployed both on-premise or fully cloud-based. Get in touch with our team today for a demo or learn more about the Tectonix engine below.

Tectonix Vision (SaaS)

The goal of Tectonix Vision is simple: to break down the barriers preventing analysts from extracting the true potential of their data. Backed by the world’s most powerful data processing engine, Vision allows users to interactively explore datasets of nearly unlimited size and complexity.

Learn more about the unique capabilities and opportunities unlocked by the Vision platform and get in touch to schedule a free demo for your team.

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Integrating with Tectonix

To ensure any organization with big data challenges can leverage the power of Tectonix, we offer a variety of integration and setup options, including on-premise deployment, cloud-based SaaS, engine-only integration, or custom partnerships.

Connect with our team of seasoned engineers today to learn more about deployment options and discuss your unique organizational needs.

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Whether you’re a data analysis veteran looking for a faster, more flexible tool, or a business manager looking to support your team with a platform truly built for scale, seeing Tectonix in action will change the way you think about the power of information. Get in touch to schedule a quick, custom demo of the platform and see the stories your data is dying to tell you.

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