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Whether you are looking to install Tectonix fully on-premise, operate completely cloud-native, or integrate in a hybrid model, our visualization software can adapt to your specific deployment needs.

Talk to our team of seasoned integration experts today to learn more about how Tectonix can add immediate value to your organization.

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Leverage Our Engine or Full SaaS Solution

Engine-Only Integration

  • Supercharge your existing front-end mapping tools with the world’s most powerful big data engine.
  • API-driven connections to modern mapping tools
  • Compute power to map 100+ Billion records interactively
  • Integration support from world-class engineers

Full-Service SaaS Platform

  • Leverage the end-to-end big data visualization solution to garner unprecedented insights.
  • Custom-built graphic UI backed by our world-class engine
  • Ingest and map any data of any scale and complexity
  • Run a myriad of queries on the fly and export findings easily

Set up Bare Metal or Cloud Native

We understand that to truly make big data mapping as accessible as possible, we needed to make deployment flexible, simple and secure. That is why we offer a variety of setup options depending on your organization’s needs:

Cloud-Native Deployment

Simply provide Tectonix with access to your data of choice and we’ll do the rest. Our team handles ingest, formatting and cloud storage using industry-best security and management practices. From there, simply login and begin exploring your data immediately from a simple and secure web app.

On Premise Integration

Meet with our team of seasoned geospatial engineers who will help easily install and onboard Tectonix into your on-site ecosystem. The flexible nature of the Tectonix engine allows for seamless integration with nearly any tech stack, backed by world-class security and privacy considerations.

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