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Tectonix was built to solve a simple challenge: we think data should be fast, no matter how big it is.

What started as a side project to solve the problem of scale quickly blossomed into an opportunity to fundamentally change the way analysts approach insight gathering with spatiotemporal data. See how we’ve gotten where we are today:

What We Believe

At the highest levels of intelligence, wasting hours waiting for queries to return can not only be costly, it can be devastating to your mission. Tectonix allows bothe public and private sector organizations to actively explore datasets upwards of 100 Billion + records at millisecond speeds and ingest new streaming data in near real-time (NRT).

Scale Shouldn't Inhibit Insights

Processing limitations are one of the most fundamental hurdles for geospatial analysts. We built Tectonix specifically to unlock unlimited scale.

Responsibility Matters

We understand unlocking unprecedented analysis presents risks. We go to great lengths to ensure our tools are only used ethically and responsibly.

Security and Privacy are Paramount

Keeping your data safe is critical. Tectonix adheres to best-in-class privacy and security protocols in all facets of our business.

Better People Make Better Products

From our partners to our customers to our own team, we believe that honest, insightful, and innovative people make all the difference.

What We’ve Done

Since launching publicly in late 2019, we have had the opportunity to work with some incredible partners and produce content for some of the largest publications in the world. Learn more about our media features and data/analysis partners:

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The Tectonix team brings a wealth of diverse skills and expertise to the world of big data visualization, including years of experience in the intelligence community, cutting-edge cloud computing techniques, and data-driven storytelling.

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