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There’s no better way to see the power of the tectonix engine than putting it to use in the real world. See some of our latest platform demonstrations.

In this video produced for Propublica, we dissected mobile device data from Xmode to see patterns in travel to and from Las Vegas all across the U.S.

Sturgis Here We Come

We wanted to see the migration of devices to one of the nation's largest motorcycle rallies in Sturgis, SD. The data told a fascinating story.

Spring Break vs. COVID-19

Want to see the true potential of ignoring social distancing? In a piece that has racked up millions of views, we looked at the social footprint spring breakers may have had on the early spread of COVID

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Meat Packing in the Midwest

The effect the virus has had on the Supply Chain has been significant, and data from Xmode shows just how big a role meat packing facilities play in the U.S. and global supply chain...

Escape from New York

Early in March, NYC was a hotbed for COVID activity, and many people took the chance to flee the city before lock downs took place. We examined migration patters by looking at mobile device data from the heart of the city.

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